A leading small cap investor in the Nordics

Capillar is a private equity firm investing in small cap businesses across the Nordics.

MSEK equity investment capacity
Total Partner deal/investment experience

Taking companies in the Nordics from small cap to mid cap

Capillar invests in Nordic businesses with enterprise values typically less than SEK 150 million. The firm has a developed buy and build investment strategy, accessing private small cap companies throughout the Nordics, primarily in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our core strength lies in our ability to think independently and create our own unique investment opportunities, which signifies the Capillar brand.

We are passionate about what we do. We believe that the key to delivering outstanding performance to our investors is our ability to identify and access opportunities which others do not, or cannot see, and to act quickly and decisively.

Through Capillar offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki, we have a broad representation and network supporting us.

We started Capillar to create and execute value-adding investments, with the ambition to build midcap companies.

Mikael Ludvigson
Partner, Capillar

Experienced Nordic investment team

The Capillar team has experience from completing more than 200 transactions. Our investment strategy is to acquire majority positions in profitable leading companies with revenues typically between SEK 50 and 150 million.

Together with the management we develop and grow the business in a way that creates share holder value.

Behind Capillar is institutional as well as private investment capital.